Technology At Wheatland Center School
1:1 Laptop Program
     Welcome! I’m Mr. Hartley and I teach 4K through eighth grade technology education at Wheatland Center School in Burlington, Wisconsin. I majored in education and psychology at Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin). In 2011, I founded an after-school computer club that continues to meet today. Please like MinecraftEdu @ WCS on Facebook for up-to-date information on this event and our other activities.
      I love technology and believe it is transforming the way students learn. I am proud to be part of the change. I firmly believe in engaging students and meeting learning objectives through the use of interactive technology, web tools, iPads, and educational games. I run an extra-curricular computer club where the students and I enjoy creating new worlds using MinecraftEDU – an amazing open-ended sandbox game where students interact on virtual “builds” and create 3-D pixel art using block-shaped characters and materials. The creativity of our students is astounding, and I try to help students become better technology users as well as better people.
  -Mr. Hartley  

Check out Thomas Hartley & Rachel Hartley’s Presentation at the 2012 SLATE Conference:

Extreme Lesson Makeover: Using YouTube, Google Docs, and Socrative to Invigorate Traditional Teaching Strategies from AWSA on Vimeo.


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